My name is Kevin and I purchased the travel trailer below in 2019. I had never purchased or owned a recreational vehicle (RV) prior to this one. And, I didn’t know anyone that had a travel trailer, so I did a lot of research on my own to figure things out.

So, I put together this blog to share my experiences with anyone interested in looking into buying a RV and into RV camping. Every person’s needs, wants and situation is going to be different, so while my goals may not match your goals completely, at least you’ll have an idea about what to consider and how things may play out if you decide to buy a RV.

I was asked once what were my fondest memories as a child, the first was spending time at my grandparent’s farm. The second fondest childhood memory was camping with my family. Now that I have kids of my own, this is what motivated me to buy an RV so that I could create similar fond memories for my kids before they get older and don’t want to hang out with mom and dad anymore.

After taking my kids on their first camping trip in 2019, my middle daughter asked if we could sell our home and live in the forest, so I take it they really enjoyed the camping trip. For me personally, camping is a way to get away, unplug and reset myself…recharge my soul. Below are some pictures from our camping trips. I hope you find this blog helpful, whether or not you ultimately choose to buy a RV.