3 Types of RV Storage Options

Surprisingly, there are many types of RV storage options and a wide range of costs. Below are 3 Types of RV Storage Options to consider.

Home Storage

Home storage is always the cheapest option (free) if your home’s lot size and/or driveway is large enough to accommodate your RV. But, some neighbors may not like seeing a RV parked at your home, so you’ll want to take this into consideration. Another thing to consider is if you live in a community that has a homeowners association (HOA), some HOAs do not allow RV parking at home.

Other benefits to parking your RV at home are that you save time because you don’t have to pick up your RV from storage, you can more easily make repairs/updates to your RV, you can more easily charge up your RV batteries before taking a trip, and it is easier to you to load your RV with supplies prior to your camping trips.

Full Service RV Storage Companies

When I was doing research about RV storage before I purchased my RV, I visited may types of RV storage companies. The 24 hour full service climate controlled indoor storage companies prices ranged from $100 to $300 per a month. They usually included valet parking, RV battery charging, propane tank refills, washing your RV, grey/black tank dumping, minor repairs, tires sales and installation, etc. Basically, they take care of everything so you can just load the RV and go, and just drop off your RV when you return. For some, the price is worth it. And, some of these storage companies also offer lower monthly rates for less amenities and/or outdoor RV storage.

Outdoor Self Serve RV Storage Companies

Outdoor RV storage companies are typically on the cheaper end of the spectrum, starting at $65 and go up depending on the size of your RV. Typically, they will valet park your RV (for liability reasons so you don’t crash into someone elses RV), but they usually won’t have electricity to charge your batteries and won’t offering RV washing. They will usually have a dump station so you can dump your own grey and black tanks and an air station for filling your RV tires. Some will have a propane refill station (for a fee) for your propane tanks, but some RV storage companies won’t have propane at all.

What is best for you?

My family was not able to keep our RV at our home, so we had to consider paying for RV storage. Initially, the 24 hour indoor climate controlled RV storage sounded good, but the $200+ per a month rate for indoor storage for our particular situation versus the $75 per a month rate for outdoor self service RV storage ultimately made the decision for us. I’m comfortable with dumping the tanks, charging my RV batteries, and refilling propane tanks. Also, once a year I typically pay the RV dealership $75 to wash and detail the exterior of my RV, so the $75 storage option worked best for my scenario and I save $1,500 annually. You’ll need to consider what is best for your family’s situation.

I hope you learned something new after reading this my article about 3 Types of RV Storage Options. Happy camping!

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