Lifetime Performance Cooler Review

Our family needed a highly insulated affordable cooler (ice chest) that would keep ice cold for 3-4 days. We landed on the Lifetime Durable Performance Cooler (28-Quart) and the Lifetime High Performance Cooler (77-Quart). This is my real life Lifetime Performance Cooler Review.

As I mentioned previously, the focus of this blog is to help first-time RV buyers. One way I do this is by writing reviews about products that I actually use and like, I generally don’t spend any time on products I’ve had a bad experience with. Sometimes I have to buy several brands of a particular product until I find one I like, which is time consuming and expensive, so hopefully I help save you valuable time and money by sharing with you products that work well for me and my family.

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When we go camping, my wife likes to have ice for drinks when we arrive at our campsite, as well as through the weekend. We originally had a cheap ($30) 60 quart cooler (ice chest). When we packed the cheap cooler the night before we left, upon arrival at the campsite the following day the ice was pretty much all melted. So, I started doing some research for an affordable highly insulated ice chest. I found the Lifetime Performance Cooler brand.


I watched Youtube reviews and read blog reviews on the best insulated coolers. Again, I wanted something that is affordable. I landed on the Lifetime Durable Performance Cooler (28-Quart). I bought the smaller one first, because it was cheaper and to confirm if the reviews were accurate. So, we kept using the old $30 cooler and used the small Lifetime cooler for drinks and ice.

My Thoughts

To my surprise, the Lifetime Durable Performance Cooler (28-Quart) kept the ice cold through out our 3-4 day camping trips. I like the sturdy metal handle on the 28 quart model and that the cooler has a lockable lid too! So, when I leave the campsite or when we go to bed, I lock it with a pad lock and a cable to discourage someone from walking away with my cooler. It is advertised as being bear resistant, but I haven’t had the opportunity to test that claim.

Because the Lifetime Durable Performance Cooler (28-Quart) worked out well for us, I purchased the Lifetime High Performance Cooler (77-Quart). The extra 17 quarts (larger than my $30 cooler) makes a big difference when packing food for a 3-4 day camping trip in that we didn’t need to bring the 28 quart cooler with us any more. We are typically able to pack food and drinks for a 3-4 day camping trip for a family of five (3 young kids…not teenagers) in the 77 quart cooler. But, when fully loaded, the 77 quart cooler may require two people to move and load, its only drawback.

Lifetime Durable Performance Cooler (28-Quart) –

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I hope you my article Lifetime Performance Cooler Review was helpful. Happy camping!

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