Kids activity ideas for your next camping trip

If you’re looking for new kids activity ideas for your next camping trip, then check out my ideas below!

Campsite Activities

Activities, that are probably not considered kid activities by most, that our kids enjoy are helping with outdoor cooking, starting the campfire and walking the dog.

Other campsite activities (depending on how large your campsite is or what is next to your campsite) are playing with RC cars, throwing a frisbee, kicking a ball and exploring.

Campfire activities that our kids enjoy are telling riddles and jokes and roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. We also ask our kids what were their favorite activities that we did during the day.

Campground Activities

Some campgrounds offer more on-site activities than others. You should call the campground your staying at to find out what activities are offered at the campground and if there are any extra fees. Below are activities we’ve seen offered at campgrounds:

– Outdoor Activities: Fishing, boating, crabbing, hikes, swimming, tidal pools, guided tours, beaches, etc.

– Sports: basket ball courts, swimming pool, volley ball, jungle gyms, etc.

– Equipment rental: Kayaks, boats, bikes, etc.

– Group Activities: Classes, campfires, guided nature walks, etc.

Local Activities & Attractions

Some campgrounds are located near attractions and activities. One of our favorite areas to visit is the Santa Cruz area because of the many activities and attractions that are available, see pictures from our trips to Santa Cruz below.

– Museums (Pictures below @ Seymour Marine Discovery Center)

– State and National Parks (Pictures below @ Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park)

– Beaches (Pictures below @ Seabright State Beach)

– Tourist Attractions (Pictures below @ Mystery Spot)

I hope you learned some new kids activity ideas for your next camping trip. Happy camping!

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