Preparing your RV for camping trips

If you’re new to RV camping and would like to learn more about things to consider when preparing your RV for camping trips, then check out what I do below.

Note, every person’s situation and RV is different, so you’ll want to check with your RV dealership, RV manual and tow vehicle manual to verify that you’re properly preparing for your camping trip. Below are some of the things I do prior to my camping trips.

As I mentioned previously, the focus of this blog is to help first-time RV buyers. One way I do this is by writing reviews about products that I actually use and like, I generally don’t spend any time on products I’ve had a bad experience with. Sometimes I have to buy several brands of a particular product until I find one I like, which is time consuming and expensive, so hopefully I help save you valuable time and money by sharing with you products that work well for me and my family.

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I make checklists for everything on excel spreadsheets, from clothes packing to meal planning to RV preparation. Checklists help me be more thorough and faster in my preparation because I’m not reinventing the wheel for each trip trying to remember what I should bring. I update my lists after every trip with things I forgot to bring or do.

1 Week Prior

I start by printing out my checklists, camping reservation confirmation and maps. I print out maps just in case the cell phone signal is weak and the map app on my phone is not able to function because we’re in remote areas. Also, I like to map out gas stations along the route that will accommodate our SUV pulling a 30 foot trailer.

If I’m bringing my generator with me because I’m doing dry camping, I will usually check my generator to confirm it is working and check the generator manual to do any required maintenance. If you are looking for a generator, check out my review, click here.

I will usually stop by my trailer to drop off stuff and walk around and through the trailer to verify there are not any material issues. One time I noticed a gouge in the RV tire from the previous trip and when I called the tire company they recommended that I change the tire before my camping trip, so I did. I also check on supplies to see if there is anything I need to buy like black tank chemicals, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

If you’ll be doing dry camping and depending on your battery situation, you may need to do a deep recharge of the RV batteries at home. I will periodically take my RV lead acid batteries home for maintenance and deep recharge.

I also check if I have enough 1 lb bottles of propane for our camping stove. We like to cook outside when possible and the low pressure gas system of the RV is not compatible with high pressure camping stoves. If you’re looking for a camping stove that can accommodate two 12 inch pans, then check out my camping stove review, click here.

1 Day Before

I will typically pick up my trailer the day before I leave for my camping trip and keep it at home overnight so I can finishing loading it. Prior to picking up my trailer I check my SUV tire air pressure. Some tire companies offer free tire pressure check too. I prefer to check my tires at home, less hassle. I have an air compressor in my trailer and in my car. I also check RV tire pressure when I pick up my trailer from the RV storage company. Below is the air compressor I’ve used it for a couple of years and haven’t had any issues. For my air compressor review, click here.

TEROMAS Tire Inflator Air Compressor –

Sometimes we skip draining the grey and black tanks because of the long lines at the campgrounds, so we drain the tanks at our RV storage facility before we drop off or before we pick up our RV. You should check with your RV dealership, RV manual and tow vehicle manual to verify if doing this is appropriate for your situation.

Another thing I do prior to picking up my trailer is picking up firewood at the local grocery store. Why do I drag firewood to the campgrounds, because it is sometimes cheaper. Also, because I’ve had experiences where the wood at the campground was wet and hard to light, so I always bring my own firewood. I usually keep in a bin in my SUV.

I also fill up my SUV and gas can(s) for my generators with gas. I usually add gasoline stabilizer to my gas cans because it is suppose to keep fuel fresh for up to two years. See link below for the fuel stabilizer I use. If you are looking for a generator, check out my review, click here. And, I pick up any bait I need for fishing or crabbing.

STA-BIL (22214) Storage Fuel Stabilizer –

Once I get the trailer home, we double check supplies on the RV, load generator, gasoline, propane and other stuff.

Day of Departure

We load up the kids, snacks/drinks for the trip and make sure house is locked up and security system is on. I typically do a final walk around of the trailer before I get into the SUV, then we depart for the campgrounds.

I hope this article Preparing your RV for camping trips and sharing my routine has helped give you some new ideas for your RV preparation. Happy camping!

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